So you've made the decision. Home birth it is! How wonderful it is that your precious babe will enter this world in the home you will raise him/her in. That's truly something special!

As you're laboring, you'll likely want to move around from room to room to find whatever works for you--physically and emotionally. Maybe you'll start in bed. The place where you and hubby spend lazy Saturday mornings, cuddled up. Or where yall enjoy late night Netflix binges. As you're riding the waves, you glance over and find yourself focusing on that empty bassinet you have waiting for babe! Oh, how you can't wait to have that tiny babe in your arms!!!

You decide it's time to get in the bathtub to see if that helps relieve some of your pain. As you're lying there, you find that spot where you and your love used to brush each other's, that seems like soooo long ago! Time to get out of the tub and you head over to your dresser for a fresh change of clothes and find your precious little one's face in a cute, little frame on your dresser. You press on during this contraction before heading into the next room.

It's the living room this time. Here you are. In the room that you spend so much time in. You've got photos all over the walls. Your grandparents. Parents. Nieces and nephews. And of course your beloved pooch! You get a whiff of your favorite candle or oils and you instantly just feel a calming come over you. Your husband is rubbing your back and shoulders as you're trying with everything you have to make it through this contraction. Ahhh, a tiny bit of relief. You stop for a second to take it all in. Your birth team, support and your fur baby are here. All here for you. And now here you's time to push. Right here in your living room, you're about to welcome your baby into the world! ....a few pushes later, here he is!! In your arms...on the living room floor. The exact place you'll soon be doing tummy time as a family.

Your home is such a beautiful place to give birth. There are sooo many wonderful memories within those walls. This is another one you can add to that list!! To be able to feel the life and love in any room you decide to be in, is priceless. The comfort and peace your belongings bring you, help you find (and keep) your focus.

Hiring a birth photographer for your home birth is priceless. To be able to capture you in your home, your space, really makes your story YOURS! Having all those details that, quite frankly, you may not even notice on the day-to-day, captured as you bring life into the world will provide you with a new love and appreciation for your home!

I'd love to document your home birth for you! Let's chat if you're interested, mama!