You're a busy lady. I get it.

You're currently running on far less energy that you normally have, while still managing daily life. Juggling the kids, grocery-pick ups, trying to spend quality time with your husband...and you're in full-on nesting mode. And now your mind has lead you to thinking about hiring your birth photographer. Well, my friend, it's nice to meet you!

Tulsa, Oklahoma birth and newborn photographer Kayla Wallace of Morii Photography
About Kayla Wallace, birth and newborn photographer of Morii Photography
Birth and Newborn photographer, Kayla Wallace,  serving Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm Kayla and I work in the greater Tulsa area, documenting birth stories + newborns.

Since mama's not worrying about taking pictures of her birth, she's so focused on actually bringing life into the world that she doesn't really even notice my presence there. During newborn sessions, I focus on all the love and connection with you precious babe. Capturing the rawness of this stage is so special! Allowing me into your home to document this newborn phase creates a natural vibe and level of intimacy that really brings your images to life.

A little about me...

  • I could survive off of donuts and pizza alone.
  • I met my husband when we were just babies at 19 years old at the University of Arkansas, where I focused on Apparel Studies.
  • We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on Maui and I've been begging to go back every day since. I fell in love with the whales and got to hold an octopus so, yea...I'm obsessed.
  • I have 2 babes. Both via IVF + csection. (If you struggled/are struggling I'd love to hear your story and add you to my prayer list!!)
  • I don't feel like my family is complete but another pregnancy is not in the cards for us. Adoption has always been on my heart, though.
  • I have a Boston Terrier who was literally my first child. No, like I used to throw the dog birthday parties!
  • When I'm in the car or home alone, I need it completely quiet. No tv. No radio. Just me!!! Ahhh...just the thought eases my mind!
  • I'm totally the crazy person who leaves her kid's grimy handprints all over the house. It physically hurts me to wipe them off.
  • I always thought I wanted to homeschool...until last summer when I tried to work with my daughter. I'm totally out.
  • Take me on a road trip and I'm guaranteed to be asleep within 30 minutes. Never fails.
  • I'm a gypsy soul. I wanna see the world + do all the things. Except skiing. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Like, at all.
  • I love to explore and connect with nature whenever I can! Hiking, camping, finding new places to sets my soul on fire!
  • When I decided I wanted to take my hobby of photography and turn it into a business, the first thing I did was obsess over the name. As soon as I found Morii, I had to have it! Morii: The desire to capture a fleeting moment. THAT, my friend, is my heart's desire for your session!

Kayla Wallace of Morii Photography Birth and Newborn Photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

From my happy clients:

From my happy clients:

“Kayla was super professional and has an amazing eye for details ! We were all amazed at how she just fit right into everything! I love her style and work so much and will cherish these photos forever!”