Life gets crazy. I get it.

You're currently running on far less energy that you normally have, while still managing daily life. Juggling the kids, grocery-pick ups, trying to spend quality time with your husband...and you're in full-on nesting mode. And now your mind has lead you to thinking about hiring your photographer. Well, my friend, it's nice to meet you!

I'm Kayla and I work in the greater Tulsa area, documenting your motherhood story from the very beginning!

Telling your story and watching you grow as a family brings a joy to my heart that I can't even begin to explain. To help you get IN the photo with your family and feel confident and beautiful while working with me!

My journey to motherhood gave me a beautiful appreciation for every phase of it. This is my ministry. To help show you just how beautiful, strong, and freaking awesome you are!!

A little about me...

  • I could survive off of donuts and pizza alone.
  • I met my husband when we were just babies at 19 years old at the University of Arkansas, where I focused on Apparel Studies.
  • We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on Maui and I've been begging to go back every day since. I fell in love with the whales and got to hold an octopus so, yea...I'm obsessed.
  • I have 2 babes. Both via IVF + csection. (If you struggled/are struggling I'd love to hear your story and add you to my prayer list!!)
  • I don't feel like my family is complete but another pregnancy is not in the cards for us. Adoption has always been on my heart, though.
  • I have a Boston Terrier who was literally my first child. No, like I used to throw the dog birthday parties!
  • When I'm in the car or home alone, I need it completely quiet. No tv. No radio. Just me!!! Ahhh...just the thought eases my mind!
  • I'm totally the crazy person who leaves her kid's grimy handprints all over the house. It physically hurts me to wipe them off.
  • I always thought I wanted to homeschool...until last summer when I tried to work with my daughter. I'm totally out.
  • Take me on a road trip and I'm guaranteed to be asleep within 30 minutes. Never fails.
  • I'm a gypsy soul. I wanna see the world + do all the things. Except skiing. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Like, at all.
  • I love to explore and connect with nature whenever I can! Hiking, camping, finding new places to sets my soul on fire!
  • When I decided I wanted to take my hobby of photography and turn it into a business, the first thing I did was obsess over the name. As soon as I found Morii, I had to have it! Morii: The desire to capture a fleeting moment. THAT, my friend, is my heart's desire for your session!

From my happy clients:

Cassi R.

1 / 4

"Kayla exceeded my expectations and she made me feel so beautiful and good about myself throughout the shoot! Highly recommend."

1 / 4