This moment you're gearing up for is the exact reason I chose the name Morii Photography. I honestly can't think of another more fleeting/impactful moment in life!

As you're enduring the most difficult thing you will ever do, I want you (and your support) to be able to focus your thoughts and attention to the little life you're bringing into the world. Having to worry about a family member getting that special shot is something no mama should have to worry about. Enter, Kayla! To be able to document you as you realize just how incredibly strong God made you...oh, mama...its something truly, truly beautiful!! After this experience, you will have a new found love and respect for your body and the design God created for it. Allowing me to document your birth story in a beautiful way, is something I know you'll always cherish!

No matter the space: hospital room, OR, birthing center, home...

No matter the method: medicated, unmedicated, c-section, vaginal...

It's sacred. You're incredibly strong. And your story matters.

Mama's wanna know:

When do I book my birth story?

A.Given the nature of my business, it's best to reserve your due date as early as possible, as I only take a couple each month.

What if you miss the birth?

A.During our consultation, we will go over all the details of your pregnancy and your birth history, if any. As your due date nears, we will be in close contact to ensure I'm in the loop.

I'm nervous to have someone in such a private space

A.I totally understand that, mama! Some mama's wanna see it all, others want me to be much more discreet. During our consultation, we will discuss your preferences to make sure you're comfortable!

How many photos can I expect from my session?

A.I almost always have 100+. They will be delivered via a private online gallery.

When do you get there? And how long do you stay?

A.I will be there as soon as active labor is confirmed and will leave about 2 hours after baby is born to make sure I capture all those precious firsts.

I'm not sure I want these images shared

A.I have a handful of clients who wish to keep their photos to themselves. I 100% respect that. If you do allow me to share, I will check with you before I post your photos to make sure you're comfortable with it.

Anything I didn't cover for you?