Hey, friends-

Tonight we decided to do something a little different than our normal, going out to dinner routine. We stayed home and made a fire, cooked up some hotdogs and roasted marshmallows...because, duh. I love love love hanging out outside and having good conversations by the fire. I feel like something kinda happens to a person in that atmosphere. You just kinda stare at the burning fire, entranced almost. And before you know it, all the words are spewing out! Neighbors stopped by and visited. The kids' friends came over and chased each other around with their flashlights. It was just good, clean fun. My girl is already begging to do it all again tomorrow and I'm kinda, totally 100% down.

Here are a few shots I took tonight. Man, fire is so beautiful and my heart is so thankful for this evening with my family and friends.

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